Empty Tales

I was born in the 60's, raised in the 70's, Married with children in the 80's. Now my little starlings have left to find their own way in the world and I'm now wondering what to do with myself. 

I'd always had the hope that I could do anything I wanted once I wasn't needed anymore but I have found that all my good intentions have blown away with the wind of time. 

I worked in a factory for nearly 30 years in production so all the things I saved for when I could I now can't because of the arthritis in my hands and fingers. Who knew.

The things I most enjoyed when I was young was writing and exploring my imagination. So now I put my cursor to the test as the keyboard does not make my fingers ache. Come and join me and write anything you want for everyone or just yourself.

The Tales might start off empty but we are all here to fill the gaps.