Empty Tales

This is my soap box page.

My mother often asked me as I was growing up where she should place my soap box as I would often rail against the injustices of the world.

My opinion matters everyone's opinions matter. 

What I don't like is having other people's opinions rammed down my throat as if theirs is the only one that matters. It's not. 

Today's Topic Covid-19.

I live in Australia, it's a beautiful country. My state is Victoria. We are now in Lockdown 6 because of a few people who did not take kindly to the rules. A minority. The majority of Victorians are doing what the government has asked them. Covid-19 has been a doozy for all of us. An unseen enemy with the potential to kill millions. In fact, it already has.

Because its unseen, the conspiracy theorists have jumped on their band wagons telling anyone who'll listen that the government is usurping the people's rights by implementing a statewide emergency for something that doesn't exist. They will not wear masks, they will not stay at home to isolate and be inside the curfew. They will not have the vaccination and they won't take a covid test if feeling unwell. How many of these people are the ones spreading the virus to millions of other's? How many lives have they destroyed for their fanatic opinions. Does this not make them murderers? Does this not make them part of the problem and not the solution? Of course it does. Can they see it? Of course not. It's only their opinion that matters.

They don't believe the virus is real because they can't see it.

Here's a secret, the air we breathe is unseen. What would our theorists believe is keeping them alive? 

Would our government deliberately set our economy back decades for something that's not there? Would we fill our hospitals with the sick and dieing if the virus wasn't real? Of course not. A little common sense goes a long way.

Have your opinion, but if it affects the people you love negatively, keep it to yourself. You are killing them and us, literally.